ISO 37120 Sustainable Development of Communities – Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life

The Global City Indicators Facility (GCIF) successfully developed an international standard on city metrics through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) under the Technical Committee TC268 on Sustainable Development of Communities. ISO37120 Sustainable Development of Communities- Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life was published in May 2014 and is the first ISO international standard on city indicators.

ISO37120 was developed using the GCIF framework and input from international organizations, corporate partners and international experts from over 20 countries. ISO 31720 provides a comprehensive set of indicators and a methodology that will enable any sized city in a developed or a developing economy to measure its social, economic and environmental performance in relation to other cities. The standard includes 100 core and supporting indicators, of which 46 are core and cities must report on. 

New additional indicators on sustainable development and resilience are currently being developed within the ISO, led by the GCIF.

Read the Briefing Note. Click here to visit the World Council on City Data (WCCD) website or here to visit the ISO website for more information.