GCI welcomes delegation from the China Institute for Urban Governance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Updated: May 11, 2018

On April 5, the Global Cities Institute was pleased to welcome a delegation from the China Institute for Urban Governance (CIUG) to hear about their work, present the work of the Global Cities Institute and determine common interests in our international urban development work.

Established at the Global Cities Forum in 2016, the CIUG is part of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), one of china’s oldest universities that is now leading research on urban governance for the 21st century through the CIUG. The University of Toronto’s relationship with SJTU is one of its deepest international engagements in China, bringing together students and faculty from both institutions through research collaboration and joint academic programs.

The CIUG’s visit to the Global Cities Institute (GCi) reflects this academic partnership, as well as the international cooperation taking place at all levels to bring about data-driven, sustainable urban development. GCI Director Patricia McCarney and GCI Senior Fellows presented the range of the GCI’s research, from Smart Cities and Resilient Cities to poverty and income inequality and localizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. McCarney highlighted the GCI’s global position pioneering ISO 37120, the world’s first standard on city data and the only guide for building standardized data for cities, allowing for measurement of cities’ progress, meaningful comparisons across cities, and city-to-city learning. The City of Shanghai has adopted ISO 37120 as of 2014, meaning it now has standardized data to guide planning, investment and development.

The meeting participants included:


  • Professor WU Jiannan, Distinguished Professor; Executive Vice Director, China Institute for Urban Governance; Head, Division of Liberal Arts and Social Science; Director, Center for Reform, Innovation, and Governance

  • Daniel Jian Sun, Researcher, School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering; Vice Director, Division of Liberal Arts and Social Science

  • Zhao Qin, PhD Candidate, School of International and Public Affairs

  • Jing Wen, Master Student, School of International and Public Affairs

From the University of Toronto

  • Professor Patricia McCarney, Director, GCI in the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design and Professor of Political Science

  • Professor Richard Stren, Professor Emeritus, Political Science and Senior Fellow, GCI

  • Dr. Iain Stewart, Post-Doctoral Fellow, GCI

  • James Patava, Global Affairs, GCI