GCI convenes working group in Zhuhai for new ISO standards

The Global Cities Institute will be in Zhuhai, China, May 14-18 as Patricia McCarney, Director of the Institute, convenes ISO/TC-268 WG 2 - the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) working group on city indicators for sustainable cities and communities.

ISO/TC-268 WG 2 is composed of 24 member countries committed to data-driven, sustainable urban development. As chair of the working group, Dr. McCarney will lead the plenary meeting on the importance of standardized city data not only for developing sustainable, livable cities, but also for helping cities draw informed investment, cultivate resilience, and become Smart Cities.

ISO/TC-268 Working Group on City Indicators

From its first publication through the work of the Global Cities Institute in 2014 until now, ISO 37120 - the ISO standard for Sustainable development in communities: Indicators for city services and quality of life - has been the world’s first and only source of standardized data for cities allowing for measurement of cities’ progress, meaningful comparisons across cities, and city-to-city learning.

In Zhuhai, Dr. McCarney will be convening ISO/TC-268 WG 2 members for the development of a new standard: ISO 37123 - Indicators for Resilient Cities. Building on the work of ISO 37120, the Resilient Cities standard will provide data to guide cities’ planning, investment and development to become resilient in the face of economic and environmental shocks. At the Zhuhai forum, Dr. McCarney and ISO/TC-268 WG 2 members and the UNISDR will launch a draft international standard at ISO for Resilient Cities.

ISO 37123 - Indicators for Resilient Cities is one of two new ISO standards Dr. McCarney and the ISO/TC-268 working group will be launching this year. Alongside the Resilient Cities standard, ISO 37122 - Indicators for Smart Cities will also be published to guide cities’ sustainable development both now and for the future.

At the Zhuhai forum, the Global Cities Institute and other world leaders in building ISO standards will be spearheading new tools for cities across the world to grow more resilient, smart and sustainable in the face of 21st century challenges.