Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network: Supporting Smart Cities

Photo: Participants at the AURIN Roundtable at the Global Cities Institute Headquarters in Toronto, October 9, 2014.

On October 4th, the Global Cities Institute hosted a roundtable with Chris Pettit, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and Geographical Visualization at the University of Melbourne. Chris is the Strategic Implementation Coordinator of the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN), at the University of Melbourne.

In his presentation, Chris Pettit provided an overview of the technologies and capabilities being developed by AURIN. This includes a security-driven, online workbench which: provides access to big data; facilitates the integration of diverse types and sources of data; and enables the real-time interrogation of data using an open source sophisticated suite of statistical, spatial analytical, modelling, and visualization tools.

The online workbench is available to researchers from all universities and also policy and decision-makers from different levels of Government across Australia. AURIN is fostering and connecting a network of smart end-users, combining both the technological and human dimensions. 

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